Feeling unmotivated? Go outside, lazy!

Well yesterday was my first day off of work in… eight days. That’s right- I worked 8 days (2 parties, one UFC fight, and a ladies night), all with no day off. In the restaurant world… that blows. At the end of Sunday’s shift, I quite literally wanted to cry. Even more so, when while closing the store at Midnight, the last guest asked me “why do you close up so fast? We’re all having fun here- no need to be a bitch”. Ugh. 

So needless to say, I spent ALL DAY Monday on the couch, reading a book. I didn’t do a damn thing. I ate some bagel bites, took a bubble bath, bought a facial, and took some time for me (for once).

…And then I felt guilty. I had not only eaten terribly, I had wasted an entire beautiful day inside, just because I felt burnt out. So this evening (once it cooled down- I’m not crazy), I went for a short run around downtown Baton Rouge. I’m still doing the whole C25K app on my Iphone thing, so today was 5 min warm up, run for 8 minutes, walk for 5, run for 8, and cool down for 5. By that point, I was about 2.6 miles from home, so I walked the rest of the way back, and just…breathed. And it was wonderful. I feel so much less stressed, calm, and ready for my 7am-5pm shift tomorrow. 

Moral of the story? Even when I’m feeling burnt out, and tired, and ready to quit… I HAVE to just get out there. Once I’m outside, I’ll never regret it. And no matter how slow I go- I’m still lapping everyone on the couch. 

Photo highlights from today’s run: 

Mississippi River, looking south




Looking North, at Exxon


The Old Arsenal
The Old State Capitol
Downtown BR Square


Get Your Rear in Gear 5k, April 27th 2013

Hey guys!

Yesterday was my first ever, actually run- not walk- 5k! While I did not do as well as I had hoped, this is just a starting point, and I am SO EXCITED to see the progress I make from here to the Disney Princess Half in 2014. I finished 83rd out of the women, and Andrew finished 76th out of the men; with over 800 people running, I’m pretty proud of that achievement. The one thing I was hoping for though, was to finish in less than 30 minutes. Well, I was close, but I finished in 31m 57s. ALMOST THERE! So now, I know that if I hadn’t actually stopped to drink that water, and would have run just a little bit harder, I could have met my goal. So, new goal? Sub 30 minutes on the next one (which should be in about a month), and beating Andrew’s 27 minutes would be AMAZING.

I did learn some valuable lessons though! Don’t try to close at work the night before an early (timed) run like this. 3 hours of sleep did NOT help my confidence or motivation. My wonderful Nike shorts, not the best to try to PR in. My new socks? Meh. Shoes are fine, although I’d like to try the Nike Free’s. Biggest lesson of all? Don’t immediately stop after the finish line for a minute or two, and then try to walk somewhere. Um, ow!

Photo recap of my first ever 5k! (Pics or it didn’t happen, right?)

Me and my main man at our first run together!
Looking back from the start line. EEK- more people than I expected!
My first finish line!

4.09 For Boston Strong

2 thoughts: 
a) I need to become a morning person
b) Never run at Noon in Louisiana. 

Today I ran my 4.09 miles for Boston, starting from Andrew’s house, heading down to the LSU lakes, and then back. And man, was it hot. I’m going to HAVE to learn to love 6am for these runs. I tracked my time and splits using C25K Free on my Iphone, which is (hopefully) preparing me for the GYRIG 5k on the 27th. I also dedicated my run to Achilles, in honor of the Boston Marathon, donating 10 miles of hope (or $5). I did try out a new Iphone app today, called Map My Run. I really enjoyed this application, because it tracked my course (much more accurately than Charity Miles), called out my times, splits, and distance. Bonus? It gives you Walgreens Reward Points, just for using it! (I can’t believe I run with three apps, plus I ❤ Radio. High Maintenance much?)

Other than the heat, it was a beautiful day outside, and I definitely made good on the title of this blog! My mood is lifted, I’m a sweaty mess, and I received 5 high fives from other runners- I love how supportive everyone is right now. 

Highlights of the run: 

Running outfit for the day- Nike pro shorts, Ft Myers tank, oddly appropriate blue/yellow nikes.
Ignore the time (cause I stopped to watch the ducks), but look how far I went!
Odd things you see running through downtown Baton Rouge (apparently)

I might try to do some Blogilates before work, but we’ll see if I can peel myself off the couch.