2 runs this week!

Alrighty. So on June 11th, I ran 2 miles, walked 5 more, cause it was hotter than HADES outside. So while I would have loved to say I ran all 7 miles… ain’t no way that was happening. Today, I ran 2 miles no stopping, then walked .8 home…after 5 hours of sleep and a 10 hour workday. Soooo…. I’m counting that as a win! I tried to go over to the Catholic High School to run on their track, but apparently they dislike sharing, ’cause the gates were chained shut. I was pretty bummed. I need to find out if LSU lets people on their track. I need to squeeze in one more run AT LEAST this week- I’m on my last week (week EIGHT!) of my C25K app… and I’m considering purchasing the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon App- anyone use it before?

Highlights from this week: 

Recap of the June 11th run.


Sunset view of the LSU lakes… no filter!

I’ve also decided to earn myself some BLING as I train for the Glass Slipper Challenge, so I will be signing myself up for a virtual 19.3 mile run, called “Earning My Glass Slipper”. I’ve got to admit, the hardware is adorable, and fits right in with the theme of all of this hard work! I think it’ll look lovely next to my THREE medals from GSC. 

Earning my Glass Slipper Virtual 19.3

That’s all for now!


Glass Slipper Challenge- Princess Weekend at Walt Disney World!

Well, it’s official- I’ve lost my mind. Not only did I register for the Princess Half Marathon, I registered for the 10k the day before. So now Rachael and I will be part of the first year of Glass Slipper Challenge winners, with a total of THREE medals and shirts. 

If you think that a half marathon is just a walk in the park, put your endurance to the test and compete in the all-new Glass Slipper Challenge! A 19.3-mile adventure held over two days, participants will run the Disney Enchanted 10K on Saturday, followed by the Disney Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. If you finish both races within the pacing requirements, you will be awarded the all-new Glass Slipper Challenge medal in addition to your Half Marathon and 10K finisher medals. Image

I am SO EXCITED! Now, to go run in 100* heat. Andrew, JD, Elyse, Donna, Shawn, Chris, EVERYONE: there is still a TON of time to register for the 5k, 10k, and half marathon before prices increase. PLEASE consider joining us for a magical weekend!