Some of the beautiful things being said to me lately:

I just want to document some of the amazing people in my life. All anonymously of course, but these messages from friends old and new, mine and his, have really been helping me. Thank you, to everyone who has cared about me, when I haven’t even cared about myself. 

  • You’re a really sweet woman Lauren, but I believe in my heart that he isn’t ready to commit to anyone on that level. The best advice I can give is truly try and let him go… I know its hard, but only in that way can clearly change his mind. give it some time. Life is worth living even if you don’t have him. You will make new memories… Good ones… Nothing will ever be the same, but be strong and everything will work itself out.
  • It sucks that this happened to you, and you’ll be better in the long run, no matter how this turns out. i hope you find your solace, you don’t deserve even a minute of grief. I would like to think that I know you, and if you were the girl that i knew, that kid must be off his rocker and i think you might just be okay on your own. You’re a good kid Lauren, a treasure. and a shiny one at that keep your head up kid, i miss you, good night.
  • I was just telling **** yesterday that you guys were perfectly matched interest wise. i just hope that he see’s how dumb he’s being because he has the real deal in his hands and he’s throwing it away. i just can’t imagine why anyone would throw away someone as earnestly caring and outgoing as you. I hope you find your smile again soon. You’re too great to be this down. No one should be worth this pain especially since he’s the one making this choice. Its not like he was hurt/killed in an accident and was taken too soon. He’s giving up. If you can’t open his eyes, then try to keep in mind that its him, not you. This is the real application of that cliché break up line. We love you. Keep that in mind as you try to fight through this. We’re not next door, but the internet and cell phone business make it nearly that way. Well, i’m not one to take sides in a break up. I think that’s high school shit and grown ups shouldn’t act that way. I love you both and I refuse to lose one friend to “stay loyal” to the other especially when the friend that came first is the one I see as making a mistake. Andrew’s not ready to love so the perfect girl standing in front of him doesn’t register. i understand. But don’t beat yourself because he’s not reached the emotional maturity relationship wise to see that you two are great together. 
  • You’re not worthless. You’re amazing and wonderful. You used to live for so much more than one boy. Remember that always. You have friends, family, pets, aspirations and dreams to follow still. 
  • I hope everything is going alright given the circumstances. I can speak first hand about how the male species is a weird and unpredictable breed capable of great things and even greater douche-bag-y-ness from time to time. I really don’t like that you’re going through such a hard time. You’re an awesome person. A person that I have looked up to for a long time. And you’re the kind of person that will overcome all, no matter how hard it is. 
  • Hey girl, I know that we don’t know each at all.. But I’ve seen some of your posts, and I’m really sorry about your breakup. I went through an awful breakup 2 years ago. We’re talking like slept on my parents’ floor for a month at age 23, saw multiple counselors, sobbed in public way too many times bad. Once I was driving to work and I was full out sobbing. I was stopped at a red light and the man in the car next to me got my attention. He asked me If I was ok, and I just nodded. And he asked again, and I said I’d be ok. Then he said “ok, I’ll pray for you.” It was an interesting and encouraging little moment. It didn’t get easier immediately after that, but time (sometimes a ridiculous amount of time) really does heal all wounds. And like that stranger offered to pray for me, I’ll pray for you. I know it’s hard, but keep fighting.
  • I am so sorry to read about what you’re going through and I know for a while nothing is going to make it feel any better. When I was a sophomore in college, I was in a very serious relationship, and had been in it for some time. I was convinced this was the guy I was going to marry and put my heart and soul into the relationship. It was one of the most devastating things in my life when he, without warning, broke it off. I know exactly how you feel, and what you are going through, because I have been there myself. I always used to think, what is wrong with me and why did this happen to me? All I can say is that a little while later I met the man I am now married to. If I had still been involved with that other guy, I would not have even given **** a second thought or glance and I would have missed out on a world of happiness. It has made me a firm believer that things do truly happen for a reason and I absolutely believe that when you are ready, you will find that reason right around the corner. In the meantime, I wish you health and happiness. You have many friends new and old that love you and perhaps for a while you can sit back and let your friends spoil you with some good times.
  • Hey lady, I know we haven’t talked in forever, but I noticed that some thing were sucking pretty hard in your life right now, and I wanted to say I still sincerely you. If you need a drink while you’re in Ohio, I’m bartending through my master’s degree right now, and it’s all on the house for people formally known as Mussolini. Hang in there chick.
  •  you ok girl? how are you holding up? i was literally JUST THERE 7 months ago. i know exactly how you are feeling and it is miserable to say the least. please talk to me if you need anything. you deserve someone great and you will find him! it gets so much better and easier. just give it time. hugs from the 513!

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