I actually completed my run before 2pm?

So, since the restaurant closes at midnight on Sunday’s, I actually got to bed at a decent hour! Which meant, I woke up around 9:30am feeling more like it was noon. When I noticed how early it was, I decided to go for a run! 

Since we’d laid out at the pool all day yesterday, I’m a bit of a lobster. I had to SLATHER on the sunscreen today, and I still feel the burn on my arms and back. Note to self: invest in a hat, and some aerosol sunscreen. I was pretty pumped to start out with- today was day one of week eight of my couch 2 5k app- I’ve been running 3x a week for two months? How did that happen?! I am very proud of myself for sticking with it this time, even if there have been some bumps along the way. I’ve gained a bit of weight back (relatives visiting and pms will do that to you) that I need to lose again, but nothing I can’t handle. BRING IT ON!

Workout Recap

I don’t know if it was the sunburn or what, but even though the temperature was cooler today than it has been, I was DYING after three miles… so I walked the four miles back. I did spend about 20 minutes sitting on someone’s dock on the lake, just enjoying the shade and the sound of the water- which I think helped my stress level a LOT. See, look how pretty it was!

LSU Lakes, from someone’s dock!
Ran through LSU down Highland Rd. for a change of scenery. SO many freshmen!

So all in all, not a terrible way to spend my morning. I still need to figure out a way to get out there while it’s still dark, or find a CHEAP gym or treadmill, because it’s not even summer yet, and I am melting out there.

I’ve also found some virtual runs I’m planning on signing up for, that I thought people might be interested in- they all benefit great causes!

I’m also looking into the Jazz Half Marathon in NOLA, the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in NOLA next year, and the Baton Rouge Half Marathon next year. Who wants to be my running buddy?!


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