2 runs this week!

Alrighty. So on June 11th, I ran 2 miles, walked 5 more, cause it was hotter than HADES outside. So while I would have loved to say I ran all 7 miles… ain’t no way that was happening. Today, I ran 2 miles no stopping, then walked .8 home…after 5 hours of sleep and a 10 hour workday. Soooo…. I’m counting that as a win! I tried to go over to the Catholic High School to run on their track, but apparently they dislike sharing, ’cause the gates were chained shut. I was pretty bummed. I need to find out if LSU lets people on their track. I need to squeeze in one more run AT LEAST this week- I’m on my last week (week EIGHT!) of my C25K app… and I’m considering purchasing the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon App- anyone use it before?

Highlights from this week: 

Recap of the June 11th run.


Sunset view of the LSU lakes… no filter!

I’ve also decided to earn myself some BLING as I train for the Glass Slipper Challenge, so I will be signing myself up for a virtual 19.3 mile run, called “Earning My Glass Slipper”. I’ve got to admit, the hardware is adorable, and fits right in with the theme of all of this hard work! I think it’ll look lovely next to my THREE medals from GSC. 

Earning my Glass Slipper Virtual 19.3

That’s all for now!


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