Is it a fluke, or real progress?

I just wanted to share with y’all, that I am 5 pounds away from my weight loss goal! I started this journey on March 6th, at almost 140 lbs, which is a lot on my little 5’3″ frame. I am now down to 120 pounds, just a short ways away from 115 where I wanted to be.



I haven’t gotten to run since 5/21- a 7 miler. It’s been so hot outside, and I’ve been so consumed with work,I haven’t gotten a chance since. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go on a 3 miler tomorrow before I have to be at work 4pm-2am. Tonight, I’ll probably be getting off around 5am, so maybe I’ll be able to run before I crash! 

So, my “goal date” to lose this weight was 5/19, but even though that date has come and gone, and I’m not 115 yet, I’m still so proud I’ve lost 18 lbs! 

New goals: 115lbs, continue to shape my body with Pilates and running, and keep training for the Disney Princess Half!



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