Not feelin’ it this week…

So this week, I ran three miles one day, and jogged 3.5/walked 3.5 another day. But I don’t feel ANY better. I close every day this week, so I am hoping to run at least 4 days, and see if I can cheer myself up. Don’t really have too much to say on that front. 

Photo updates from my 2 runs:

Workout outfit, all on sale!
LSU lakes
Brandon’s Chug n Run going away party- chug a beer, run a mile!

I just want to RUN RUN RUN and make myself happy. The farther I run, the less I think about how many things are just WRONG in my life right now, and how few people actually care about how not ok I am. As long as I’m running, and as long as working towards the Disney Princess half… I can ignore how NOT ok everything is. 

Just… keep me in your thoughts, and help me keep up this running habit. It’s been 7 weeks!


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