Children’s Hospital, Marathons, and thoughts about the Boston Bombing

I have my first 5k coming up in just 2 weeks (Get Your Rear In Gear for Colon Cancer), which is super close to my heart thanks to my Momma, but I want to take a moment to shamelessly plug my Crowdrise fundraising page for the New Orleans Jazz Half, benefiting Children’s Hospital.

By supporting my first attempt at running the New Orleans Jazz Half Marathon, you will also be supporting the Cancer Program at Children’s Hospital. Children’s Hospital treats more Louisiana kids with cancer than all other facilities combined. Children’s Hospital’s LaNasa-Greco Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders treats more than 1,100 children with cancer each year, and the hospital has a policy of never turning away a child who needs the care they offer, regardless of the family’s ability to pay.

This isn’t my first time fundraising for Children’s Hospital, and it’s a charity near and dear to me. Starting off at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, I became involved in my first Dance Marathon as a moraler for my best friend Rachel. As a school, we raised over $126,000 for Children’s Miracle Network- and seeing those kids faces made those 33 hours worth it. Now, I’m running in the GYRIG Colon Cancer 5k in just under 2 weeks, wearing a Dragonfly Foundation T-Shirt. After my mom beat cancer (take that!), she became heavily involved in this amazing organization focused on bringing comfort and joy to kids and young adults with cancer or blood-related illness. While I haven’t had a chance to fund raise for this one, outside of my race fee, I am so excited to promote this amazing charity in Baton Rouge.

So now, I ask for your help and support in raising funds for the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. The bombing and victims in the Boston Marathon yesterday really made an impact on me, and my decision to a)run while I can and b) support these little ones, who need us most. Children’s Hospital in Boston is an amazing gift to those injured, and I’m sure they will be feeling the love and appreciation from around the country this week for the role they played in caring for the littlest victims. Let’s support and give attention to ALL Children’s Hospitals, which act as angels to these children every day across the nation.

If you’d like to donate, you can give to Children’s Hospital directly, or thru my CrowdRise page here. All donations on my page are secure, tax deductible, and go 100% towards this race and cause. Thank you so much for helping. If you can’t donate, but have a story to tell, feel free to leave a comment or message me at




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